Paul Russell of SR Motorsport has worked in both the Motorsport and Information Technology industries since the early 1960s.


He has used his extensive knowledge of Rally Team Management to hand-craft this family of motorsport apps, chiselling away at his tablets into the wee hours of the night!


But, these are just a beginning. Other apps are in the development stage, and upgrades will be applied to the existing apps over a period of time.


Porting to other platforms, such as Android, is also planned.


"Isn't there an app for that?"


Well, sometimes there isn't. So, if you want an app and can't find what you need, then talk to us.


Using Livecode, we can design & build an app to your precise specifications, for whatever platform(s) you require.


Just send a brief e-mail to and we'll be in contact to discuss your needs, and to provide a very competitive quotation.